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Mangalore, a chaotic city with numerous business centres, a rich historical past, and stunning beaches. The busy city and calm beaches define the hustle and the relaxation transitions; who doesn’t want to enjoy fine living? Rohan City proudly offers a distinctive collection of luxury flats in Mangalore that redefine modern life in this breath-taking coastal metropolis. 

With a history spanning more than 3 decades in the real estate sector, Rohan Corporation has solidly cemented its position as the top builder in Mangalore, satisfying more than 2000 clients who are now happily living in their dream homes. Rohan City delivers a refined and sophisticated living experience with its harmonic combination of elegance and comfort. 

What Sets Rohan City Apart?

Charmed Resort Lifestyle

At Rohan City, we take pride in providing our inhabitants with a luxurious and pleasant lifestyle equal to that of a charming resort. It includes a unique Club open to people of all ages where inhabitants can enjoy a wealth of luxurious amenities. 

Whether you’re planning to relax in style, want to enjoy a game of snooker or a board game, or spend time reading, we have everything for everyone. 

3D Theatres

To treat yourself and stay entertained, we have dedicated sessions equipped with 3D theatres, video gaming zones, and infinity pools. 

Gymnasium and Play Area

Keeping in mind the super active people, we have curated a fully furnished gym, multipurpose court, and running court. Also, the play area for the kids is designed beautifully. 

Spa and Senior Citizen Park

In addition to our spa and Ayurvedic wellness centre, our elders can find comfort at our senior citizen park. 

Eateries and Entertainment

We make sure that every area of your lifestyle is enhanced at Rohan City by providing a fine dining restaurant, bar, coffee shop, conference room, boardroom, and multipurpose hall. 

Our dedication to providing you with over 24 facilities available around the clock seeks to improve the incredible luxury you’ve always craved.

Grand Living in the Heart of Mangalore

With adequate space, spacious places, and ample nature, Rohan City is pleased to offer large 1, 2, and 3 BHK new apartments in Mangalore, in addition to stunning penthouses. These residences are created to give you the comfort of opulent life. Our 2-floored parking area, located in the centre of Mangalore, and our 24-hour ultra-luxury facilities guarantee tenants a touch of luxurious enjoyment that fits their lifestyle. At Rohan City, you may enjoy the best of both worlds: a bustling urban environment and the peace of your own home.

Decades of Excellence

You pick a legacy of excellence when you choose Rohan City. The Rohan Corporation has built a solid reputation for itself in the real estate sector over the course of the period for more than 3 decades of existence. We have earned the confidence and trust of our cherished customers after completing 24 projects and having 4 more on the horizon. Every flat reflects our meticulous selection and exquisite design, making them a dream come true for our residents. We have set the road for a modernized society and transformed Mangalore into a paradise of excellent living with a significant impact on the construction industry. 

Our dedication to excellence at Rohan City is constant, and we never stop striving to create new benchmarks for luxury living for our clients.

Unveiling Tomorrow: Upcoming Projects in Mangalore

We see a promising future for Rohan Corporation as we are entirely dedicated to providing our clients with nothing but the best of luxurious living. Our commitment to innovation and advancement is demonstrated through our upcoming projects in Mangalore. We continuously work to raise the bar by building spaces that match the ambitions of contemporary lifestyles as the real estate market changes. Rohan City’s existence is a testament to our desire to create thriving, motivational communities. Keep an eye out as we release new chapters of luxury life through our exciting upcoming initiatives.

Wrapping Up

Rohan City provides the ideal residence for you, whether looking for luxury spaces to enrich your lifestyle or flats for sale in Bejai Mangalore for a potential investment opportunity. We welcome you to your dream space, where modernisation meets sustainability and offers a perfect balance of both. 

So don’t miss this chance to experience Rohan City in Mangalore, the epitome of luxurious living. Invest in your dream luxury flats in Mangalore and cherish your home sweet home forever.

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