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Mangalore is one of the soul-touching places in India. But its beauty isn’t just limited to the soothing beach. Its tranquil pilgrimage places and splendid highway connectivity within the city offer another standard to live in. Moving within the city, you can see old buildings holding on to their ancient glory, as well as new rising structures making a new signature.

However, if you are willing to invest in this city by buying an apartment or real estate property here, then these following aspects will make your decision even easier.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should consider investing in upcoming apartments in Mangalore –

i) Ideal location –

“If you choose to track only two areas of your business, track your leads and your listings.” 

     —– Gary Keller, The Millionaire Real-Estate Agent

An attractive business with a great location always adds more value to your upcoming opportunities and high scope of business development.

An easily accessible location cuts the transportation cost of your products, makes it affordable for your customers, attracts more eyeballs, and keeps your business always high in traffic and revenue.

So, that’s why, to make your business sprout in a profitable way and that too without much effort, we have built City Square, a magnificent complex with 33,000 sq. ft. of corporate and shopping space, retail, hospitality, and office space, along with the Real-Estate Investment Trust, built on the verge of the main road of Lalbagh, Mangalore city.

ii) Multiple appealing business scopes –

Besides having a commercial space in a great position, you need to attract your customers to stay with you in the long term. And here comes the need for appealing and attractive commercial space that makes the purchaser not want to go.

In City Square, one of our leading commercial projects in Mangalore, we have made large retail and office spaces, a hospitality area, and everything you need to make you choose your suitable space with ease. City Square is solely built with the aim of providing you with your preferred business space from a wide variety that makes you gain more.

iii) Best time to invest in apartments –

Both commercial and residential apartments in Mangalore, are now at the best prices. And these prices for commercial property for sale in Mangalore clearly indicate that now is the best time for you to invest here.

If you’re determined enough to start your business in Mangalore, then there’s no reason to wait. We are currently offering our commercial apartments at the most affordable price, incomparable to any other real-estate properties in Mangalore. So, to utilize this chance in the best way, buy your choice of commercial and residential apartment in Mangalore now.

iv) High socioeconomic status –

In accordance to the concept of “Mirror of Business”, you will attract customers according to the space your business belongs to. Your business, in the most attractive location, amidst various high qualified businesses, in an area of high socioeconomic status, will end up attracting customers who belong and can afford that standard. Thus, the space itself will bring you clients who suit your business model the best.

v) Commercial and residential at one place –

Your business needs the residential locality that is ready to buy from you. On the other hand, your residence needs commercial places nearby to sustain the sudden needs. Our Rohan Square, serves both needs in one place. Rohan Square is an ingenious blend of residential and commercial space located at Capitanio-Pumpwell, Mangalore. This property is an innovative outcome as a solution to the existence of distance between residential and commercial spaces, which used to cost our purchasers more time and energy. Here, you always get your solution right beside you.

So, if you are dreaming of having a commercial or residential property in Mangalore at convenience and affordable pricing, then feel free to get in touch with us, Rohan Corporation. We have already offered several families and businesses their place of choice, in our newly completed projects like Rohan Square (residential and commercial space), City Square (magnificent complex), Zorion Apartments (residential complex), Rohan Estate (residential estate), High Crest (residential building). Would love to have you as our next precious customer.

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