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10% Discount for Teachers, Police, Media, and Defence personnel – Press Meet at Ocean Pearl, Mangalore

In a heartening display of appreciation and community commitment, Rohan Corporation recently concluded a significant press meet at the Ocean Pearl hotel. The event showcased a remarkable offer that aims to commemorate Teachers’ Day and extend gratitude to the public and civil servants who tirelessly serve our community. This limited-time offer entails a 10% discount on the purchase of residential apartments at the prestigious Rohan City, Bejai. Let’s delve into the details of this exceptional initiative that seeks to honor our essential community members and make homeownership dreams come true.

Honoring Public and Civil Servants:

Teachers, police officers, media professionals, and defence personnel represent the backbone of our society. Their tireless dedication ensures that our community thrives and prospers. Rohan Corporation recognizes their vital contributions and has devised a unique way to acknowledge their efforts.

Special Offer Unveiled:                                    

The press meet’s highlight was the revelation of a groundbreaking offer—a 10% discount on the acquisition of residential apartments at Rohan City, Bejai. This limited-time offer, reserved exclusively for public and civil servants, stands as a tribute to their service. By making homeownership more accessible, Rohan Corporation aims to give back to the very individuals who dedicate themselves to the betterment of society.

Key Details of the Offer:

1. Teachers’ Day Commemoration: This special discount is introduced as a way of commemorating Teachers’ Day, a time when educators are celebrated for their unwavering commitment to shaping the future.

2. Inclusive Eligibility: The offer is exclusively designed for public and civil servants, encompassing School Teachers, Police Officers, Media personnel, and Defence personnel. This wide-reaching eligibility underscores the diverse contributions these individuals make across various sectors.

3. Dream Homes Made Affordable: Rohan Corporation’s initiative aims to help these essential community members realize their dream of owning a home. The 10% discount significantly reduces the financial burden, making homeownership within Rohan City, Bejai, an attainable reality.

Distinguished Line-up at the Press Meet:

The press meet was graced by notable individuals from Rohan Corporation’s leadership, including:

– Mr. Rohan Monteiro, Managing Director

– Mr. Dion Monteiro, Director

– Mrs. Sumana MD, General Manager

– Mr. Lesley Pinto, Admin Manager

– Mrs. Shavina Soans, Trainer/Motivator

Their presence further emphasized the significance of this initiative and the corporation’s commitment to community welfare.


The press meet conducted at Ocean Pearl heralded a remarkable chapter in community appreciation and homeownership. Rohan Corporation’s special offer stands as a testament to their recognition of the invaluable contributions made by public and civil servants. By extending a 10% discount on residential apartment purchases, the company not only honors these essential individuals but also paves the way for their dreams to be realized within the walls of Rohan City, Bejai. This initiative exemplifies the power of collaboration between the private sector and community heroes, fostering a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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